the loon

The 14’ 36 pound Loon was designed to be the ultimate solo cruiser. Clear Kevlar and aluminum to achieve minimum weight, this boat is a dream to deal with out of the water as well as in. Like all our boats (so far :) this one has a quick release swivel seat that puts the pilot almost as high as a kitchen chair. You won’t believe how comfortable this is, and over all day paddling, until you try it. Even if you are “getting up there”, so to speak!

The receiver tube for the outrigger arms is removable, however, just like on all our boats it is unnecessary as the tube is below the gunwales allowing the boat to be slid easily onto a roof rack. Actually most roof racks will fit two quite easily!

This boat is currently fitted with a 265cm Cannon kayak paddle. Other options are available. See our STORE.