Complete Rowing Kit by Spring Creek

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Complete Rowing Unit.jpg

Complete Rowing Kit by Spring Creek


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 This set up gives your canoe speed and stability. All the rigging is anodized aluminum for strength and durability. The kit takes about 2 minutes to install.  When combined with Spring Creek’s similarly designed pontoon outrigger kit they turn your canoe into a formidable beast that speeds through the chop and laughs at crosswind. 

Outriggers can be placed in the middle seat (Drop-in Seat included in kit) for soloists or large boats capable of handling 3 persons, but front seat rowing is recommended when traveling with two people.

The kit comes in 4 Universal Receiver sizes: 30”, 36”, 40”, and 44”. Measure the widest part of your canoe to determine your minimum required. If your boat has out-turned gunwales you need to go up one size. Give us a call if you’re not sure which size to order.


The kit includes: 

- Universal Receiver

- 2 Rowing Outriggers with clamps

- Pair of 7 ft. Spoon Oars with oar lock pins