Some of our friends, aquaintances and collaborators who have products and/or services that may be of interest to you are featured here.


McLennan fly fishing

It’s hard to say enough about Jim and Lynda McLennan. Jim and Lynda have taught fly fishing courses for 25 years in western North America. Jim has been a major force in the fly fishing world in Alberta for almost 50 years, has won numerous awards for his writing and is now the managing editor of North America’s 2nd largest fly fishing magazine - Fly Fusion. Jim and Lynda are both big supporters of Cunningham Boats.


Fly fusion magazine, fly fusion tv & if4 film festival

These guys need no introduction to fly fishers but if you haven’t been paying attention it might be a good idea to check them out :)


elk river guiding co. & fly shop

The “go to” shop for the famous Elk Valley is also a great resource for the the lakes of the East Kootenays. However, this fly shop is worth the visit just for the laid back sense of humour of the staff.


Ian musto custom Fly rods

A true gentleman from Canberra, Australia, Ian specializes in custom built new-era fibreglass fly rods. The rod on the left is a beautiful 7’8” Epic blank with top notch fittings including nickel-silver rings and and and native Australian Bimble Box insert. Ian capped off the top quality cork grip with a birch bark ring as a witty salute to canoes for my personal rod :) Ian was one of the first fisherman to build our kit version of the Cunningham Chironomid.


The Jasper Local & Bob Covey

We’re fortunate that Jasper’s local newspaper is owned and operated by photographer, writer, journalist, fly fisherman and all round good guy Bob Covey. Here is Bob in his pre-Cunningham Chironomid days. If you want to know what’s going on in the Jasper area Bob is your guy to contact.