The Chironomid

A canoe glides.  What if that could be incorporated in a stable fly fishing boat with room, comfort and speed - that even a child could lift?

In river fishing the finely crafted fly rod is your "instrument"...much like a musician has his or her guitar, violin, or piano. When trout fly fishing on interior western lakes the BOAT is really your "instrument".  This instrument is designed to deal with weight, speed, stability, wind, comfort, and ease of use.



  • Tracks incredibly well … even in stiff wind

  • Very stable and easy for standing

  • Roomy

  • Extremely fast

  • Very comfortable, high sitting position

  • Unique double anchoring system with reels

  • Has horizontal rod holding system for 4 rods



The Chironomid Specs

The Chironomid is a trimaran with a central canoe hull. The main hull is built by Hellman Canoes in Nelson B.C. from a mold specially designed for this boat. It is made of Kevlar and Ecopoxy - as high quality and tough an ultralight canoe hull as you can find anywhere.

Ecopoxy is an environmentally friendly epoxy that is actually superior in strength and UV resistance to traditional epoxy. It is superior to polyester and vinylester resins as well - the resin used in most premium boats of this type. It is a “clear Kevlar” boat. 

The bare hull weighs a mere 30 lbs.



The aluminum rigging and anchor system have been designed by Joe Cunningham in conjunction with Chuck Newberg of Spring Creek Manufacturing in Minnesota. Chuck has been inventing and building unique and highly acclaimed water-sport accessories for many years. Joe is a 40 year fly fishing veteran.

This special boat is designed to be the most stable, comfortable, and effective single person fly fishing stillwater boat that exists while at the same time being fast, comfortable, almost impervious to wind, and extremely easy to deal with out of the water.



  • 14 ft. 2 in. long

  • 34 in. at the beam

  • 17 in. deep at bow and stern

  • 13 in. deep at centre

  • 30 lbs. with gunwales

  • 40 lbs. with permanent rigging


  • Anodized aluminum & textured aluminum

  • Anchor reels, oar towers, deck plates, pontoons, seat - high density or high molecular weight polyethylene, and nylon

For boats only, delivery is made by Cunningham Boats.
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  • Folded, padded swivel seat with quick-release mount

  • 7.5 ft. oars and oar locks

  • Oar outriggers

  • Ergonomically mounted anchor reels with flip locks (and quick release mounts)

  • 4 rod storage mounting system

  • Pontoons

  • Pontoon outriggers

  • Padded oar rests

  • Built in anchor line guides

  • Kevlar landing bang plate

  • Anchor bumpers


**We sometimes have demo or used boats for sale.

Let's compare apples with apples...if you want:

  • a solid boat under you

  • to be able to stand up with ease and security

  • to be able to move quickly, even in the wind

  • to carry lots of rods and gear

  • a comfortable seat and sitting position

  • a double anchor system

  • an easy way to transport your boat

To get all that with a more conventional solo boat approach, in a quality built boat as the Chironomid is, you will need an eight to 10 foot aluminum welded Jon boat ($1900 CAD), a good electric motor ($170), a good Group 27 AGM deep cycle battery ($300), a decent battery charger ($130), a boat seat ($60), a swivel seat mount ($20) 2-10 lb. anchors, anchor line, line guides with cleats ($190), 2 rod holders ($80), and the boat itself will weigh around 140 lb. so you'll need a boat lifter ($2000).

It certainly adds up when you start to think about it, doesn't it. That all comes to ... $4,850.00 CAD

Now the Chironomid (the part you put on your roof) weighs 40lb. That's incredibly easy to deal with. All you need to transport your boat is any roof rack. In fact, on most roof racks it's easy to carry 2 Chironomids. Roof rack system ($600 to $900). This boat comes with everything else to complete our comparison.

So the Chironomid, plus a good roof rack system, adds up to ... $4,200.00 to $4,550.00 CAD. But you also get a boat that doesn't pound on the waves but glides and cuts, you don't need to deal with stuff like batteries, chargers and electronics, the anchor system has reels and is built in, and, frankly, it's the coolest boat on the water! Beauty and intelligent simplicity.

What are you waiting for?




This video shows the Cunningham Chironomid being fished from while standing. It also shows Joe pulling up the 2 anchors and then demonstrates the speed of the boat as it leaves for another location.



Demonstrating the ease of dealing with the Cunningham Chironomid fly fishing boat - unloading


  • Ultra-light - 40lbs.

  • Truck or car can easily carry two

  • High quality Kevlar hull and anodized aluminum rigging

  • Set-up time: 6 minutes

  • Almost no additional accessories required

  • Custom weighted lead pyramid anchor an option - some limitations apply


Demonstrating set up of the Cunningham Chironomid - a unique new fly fishing boat specially designed for the trout lakes of western North America.


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Fully Guaranteed

The Chironomid is FULLY GUARANTEED for materials and workmanship for 5 years.