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Joe builds Cunningham boats in Pincher Creek where he lives with his wife Janice Day and their Brittany Spaniel, Gibby. He fishes, and plays, with numerous "interesting characters", some of whom appear on these pages.


Joe has spent 40 years fly fishing, starting as a kid in Nova Scotia, then in the rivers of southwestern Alberta and southeastern British Columbia ... in more recent years fishing the lakes of southern Alberta and the East Kootenays. A lifelong love of canoes didn't always fit with the needs of a fly fisher though.

Having also spent his life in various creative endeavours such as music and food he has also had to invent and design. A number of years ago he naturally turned his attention to creating a fly fishing boat that combined the grace and speed of a canoe with the needs of lake fly fishing ... the Chironomid is the result.

Watch the accompanying videos and judge for yourself :)

Company Spokesman Jerett Marsh and Founder Joe Cunningham

Company Spokesman Jerett Marsh and Founder Joe Cunningham


“I’m not really a lake fishing guy, but every time I do fish a lake I’m reminded that the contraption I’m fishing from - the boat - is almost as much a handicap as an advantage. The CC boat is different. It cuts the water and glides like a canoe, yet has the stand-up-and-fish stability of a wide flat bottomed pram. You can go like mad, even into the wind, and it’s easy to set up quickly and light enough to load on your truck by yourself. What else would you want?”
— Jim McLennan, author of Trout Streams of Alberta and co-host of Fly Fusion Television


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