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This special boat, the first of our company’s products, is designed to be the most stable and effective single person, un-powered fly fishing stillwater boat that exists … while at the same time being fast, comfortable, almost impervious to wind, and extremely easy to deal with out of the water.

A canoe glides.  What if that could be incorporated in a stable fly fishing boat with room, comfort and speed that even a child could lift? 

In river fishing the finely crafted fly rod is your "instrument"...much like a musician has  his or her guitar, violin, or piano. When trout fly fishing on lakes the BOAT is really your "instrument".  This instrument is designed to deal with weight, speed, stability, wind, comfort,and ease of use.

The Cunningham "Chironomid" is a unique custom built 14' Kevlar-hulled trimaran fly fishing boat specifically designed for trout fishing lakes.

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Videos & Testimonials

Check out this site to see what my good friends Lynda and Jim McLennan (that’s Jim above) are up to! McLennan Fly Fishing



The testimonial of Bob Covey, owner and editor of The Jasper Local, turned out to be a complete story! You can find it on this website on our BLOG page HERE entitled: Who’s Gawkin’ Who?

“I have to admit that fishing out of a canoe would not be my first choice for plying my favourite stillwaters. However, add a pair of stabilizing pontoons and a custom rowing frame and you create a very interesting fishing platform. This is what the chironomid is a surprisingly stable, easy to row boat that is quiet on the water and very comfortable to fish from. I was able to comfortably stand and cast and then easily get back into the comfortable [swivel] seat. Setup of the boat is quick and includes double anchor controls and a nifty anchor line storage system. The canoe itself is easy for one person to load on and off car or truck rack systems. The Chironomid is not only a pleasure to fish from but also a great choice for exploring your favourite or new waters while at the same time getting some enjoyable exercise.”
— Stillwater guru & freshwater biologist Brian Chan
“One day fishing out of a Cunningham Chironomid has soured me on my pontoon boat (once beloved). Way faster, tracks much better, lighter, more comfortable, cast standing up and other stuff too.”
— Guitar legend, Amos Garrett

See what Fly Fusion Magazine has to say about the Chironomid:

“I’m not really a lake fishing guy, but every time I do fish a lake I’m reminded that the contraption I’m fishing from - the boat - is almost as much a handicap as an advantage. The CC boat is different. It cuts the water and glides like a canoe, yet has the stand-up-and-fish stability of a wide flat bottomed pram. You can go like mad, even into the wind, and it’s easy to set up quickly and light enough to load on your truck by yourself. What else would you want?”
— Jim McLennan, author of Trout Streams of Alberta and co-host of Fly Fusion Television
“It’s a lake boat that could be used on slower rivers by anyone with any kind of moving water aptitude. If you fish lakes I have yet to see a design [un-motorized] that allows you to go anywhere near that speed and allows you to stand up and sight-fish. And touching on speed - it’s not just that it can book it across a lake but the ease in which you get moving. Unlike a pontoon boat that chugs & stalls with every single stroke, this thing carries and glides. And standing to spot fish - that is worth a lot to people that want to do some neat things like watch for cruising rainbows or tailing browns in shallow. There’s a ton of subtle things that have been sourced and crafted to make that boat work. And it does exactly what it is supposed to do, very well.”
— Dave Jensen, Alberta Fishing Guide Magazine and Jensen Fly Fishing Adventures
“I took Joe up on his offer—I tried the Chironomid today. The Chironomid really is an amazing boat. It has the speed of a kayak, the payload of a 1-man canoe, and the stability of a pontoon.”
— Dwayne Dickey, small boat enthusiast, exuberant fly fisher, and medical bio-engineer
“I use the Chironomid and I love it! It’s stable, incredibly light and moves really well through the wind….I fished out of a canoe for years before getting the Chironomid and this boat just makes the experience better…. I took it out on a [lake] that I’m normally hesitant to take my canoe on and instead of spending my time worrying about whether I would be able to make it back to the boat launch, I actually had a good time. I was surprised at how easy it cut through the wind and chop. It’s going to make a few lakes so much more pleasant to fish .…”
— Douglas Paton, Outdoors Blogger - The Water Calls
“This is the most unique watercraft available. A handcrafted, lite-weight, stealth canoe with amazing handling qualities and stability. If you don’t have one, get one. You won’t be disappointed.”
— August Komarnicki ,Crowsnest Pass, Alberta. 40 year flyfishing veteran.
“I’ve had the privilege of taking the Chironomid for a spin on several occasions. It’s a remarkable system and beats any watercraft I’ve used for fly fishing. Set up is intuitive and quick and the lightness of the hull along with the parts – which you can sling over your shoulder in a duffle bag - make it breeze to get to and from the water. On the water, it’s lightning fast, taking you wherever you want to be, in no time. High winds are no sweat because this boat tracks incredibly well, and rowing is effortless. The stability while standing is quite something. I never felt unstable, even when chucking huge pike flies or dealing with an 18 ft leader while trout fishing. Joe’s taken the best features of other vessels and merged them into a simple yet sophisticated, elegant craft.”
— Scott Pohorelic, Fly Fisher, Chef Extraordinaire - Calgary AB
“This is a fantastic fishing boat!!!
It rows very easy
Nice high upright sitting position
Great anchoring system
Stable for stand up fishing
Easy to assemble and dis-assemble
Room for cargo
Looks super cool (lots of compliments from bystanders)”
— Rod Mayes, Edmonton Trout Fishing Club
“As the Cunningham Boats website states, the Chironomid is: ‘the most stable, comfortable, effective, fast, impervious to wind, and easily handled fishing boat both in and out of the water.’ It is also extremely quick and easy to assemble and it’s quiet. I have fished from many types of boats: “belly”, “single and 2 person inflatable pontoon”, several types of flat bottom aluminum and while there are other types of still water craft that I haven’t tried, the Chironomid sure beats the hell out of the ones I have.
And beside all that, Joe Cunningham is a pleasure to deal with. He will go out of his way to make sure that you are completely satisfied.
I would encourage all still water anglers to give it a try.”
— David Anderson, Architect(SAA retired), Eckville, Alberta
“First off I would like to thank you for always answering my calls.
The kit that you sold me is of the best quality and the directions are spot on and very easy to follow. This made the conversion of my solo canoe into a really stable fishing machine easy. The solo canoe that I own had a low seating position (like a Kayak), and the lack of stability when boarding and disembarking was not fun to do. The low seating position also was hard on the back and the butt. I could not think of trying to spend the whole day out fishing or paddling. I have to commend you on the quality of your kit and the ease with which it went together on my canoe. It has made my canoe a far superior craft that rows with ease and tracks straight in any wind direction. I now can spend the full day fishing or paddling and not have the fatigue or pain . I can now stand to cast and when its time to sit it is very easy with the high seat position.”
— Stephen Harrie, Canadian Coast Guard (retired), Halifax, Nova Scotia
“I was introduced to the Cunningham Chironomid canoe at Maligne Lake, Jasper National Park, in September 2017. I was fascinated by the idea of outriggers allowing the user the ability to stand up and fly cast, the high center seat for more comfort of aging knees and rowing rather than paddling. Less than a year later, in May 2018, I arranged to purchase a Chironomid canoe from Joe Cunningham, in Pincher Creek, Alberta. Since picking it up, I have used it over 15 times on Maligne Lake. I have rigged up my electric motor, which has allowed me to travel considerable distance with great efficiency. I’ve covered over 30 kms in a day, stopping to fish various hot spots along the way down the lake. It is very light so I can easily lift it up onto my truck canoe rack. I am certainly pleased with my new [boat] and I look forward to many years of using it to access my favorite fishings holes.”
— David McKenna, Edmonton, Alberta